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Sports Camps are an unforgettable life experience for any young athlete. The main objective of these practices is to keep young people linked to sports practice, and cultivate them at a cultural and tourist level. At present we consider it extremely important to provide them with tools to motivate physical activity as a priority task in their daily lives, generating positive habits, good manners and promoting both physical and mental health.

Teachings and positive values

Likewise, we can confirm from our personal experience that countless teachings and positive values ​​that are very useful for any area of ​​life are learned through sport. Teamwork, the common good above personal triumph, solidarity, knowing how to lose, courage in effort, accepting the leadership of a coach, are some of those important lessons both on and off the field of play. In our Sports Campus special emphasis is placed on this, thanks to the professionalism of the top-level technicians who dictate the training sessions and daily sessions.


Other aspects to highlight is the possibility of making new friends (children from other cities and schools), understanding new cultures and customs (in this case the Catalan ones), seeing their sports idols in action (Messi) and getting to know European history firsthand. person, enriching their mind in a unique way. It is also important to us that all those who attend our Campus take away the idea that it is possible to live from different professions within sports, providing them with real cases of this phenomenon, in a highly developed sports environment such as the European one.

An unforgettable experience

In short, for all these aspects and many more, our Sports Camps are an unforgettable experience and highly recommended for the life and development of any child who is passionate about sports.

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